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Armex Roll


L_004360Is a soft support for slings with many applications for the support of shoulder, arm and clavicle. It is made with a strip of velour fabric with polyurethane foam inside and a non-woven fabric layer. This strip provides rigidity and prevents longitudinal elasticity. Velour strip and foam of 34 kg/m3 density, 2.5 mm wide, beige colour, 12 metres long by 5 cm wide.

Applying ARMEX is quick and simple,making possible a variety of applications.

The foam padding reduces pressure on the neck and its Velour fabric coverage prevents annoying chafing. The Y shaped dual locking Velcro system IS INTENDED TO PROVIDER GREATER STRENGTH AND SAFETY. Its special characteristics mean ARMEX ROLL adapts to every type of patient.

It’s laminated structure and its triple center seam means it can withstand repeated washes.

ARMEX ROLL is supplied in boxes of 2 Rolls 12 m long by 5 cm wide and dispenser containing 28 Y-shaped Velcro pieces.

Ref. 0050503 ARMEX ROLL – Box of 2 rolls – 12 m. – 28 Y-shaped Velcro.

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