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Leg Tubiform

tubiform_perneraBasically, this bandage has been designed for cold bandage treatments (criotherapy). Both individual leggings are fastened together at waist by means of a velcro strap. This frees the ovaric and renal areas of being subjected to the cold treatment.

Cold bandage treatment (Criotherapy)

This treatment may be applied on its own or in combination with a reaffirming apparatus. Cold is used to cause peripheral vasoconstriction and metabolic activation of the internal organs besides muscular contraction.
The effects of cold in aesthetic medicine are:
-Metabolic decrease
-Analgesic action.
-Anti-inflammatory action.
-Destructive action
-Reflex action.
In order to begin the treatment, the articles will be soaked in cold water, then wrung out and they will be soaked again this time in cold bandage liquid (always in the proportion indicated by the manufacturer). The articles will then be placed on the client and they will be left in position for 30 minutes approximately. Cold bandage treatment done with TUBIFORM guarantees uniform reaffirmation and satistactory blood circulation, as TUBIFORM acts as a drainage massage and helps in facilitating the return circulation that we are trying to stimulate. Its effect on the blood vessels is of great importance in providing a circulation stimulus with the consequent reduction of oedemas.

Reaffirming treatment with apparatus

  • Perform a lymphatic drainage massage in the lower part of the abdomen.
  • Soak the legging in cold water and drain. Then soak in cold bandage liquid and proceed to placement.
  • Once place, soak the plates in water and place on the bandage for the period of time recommended by the manufacturer of the apparatus.
  • Once this period has elapsed, remove bandages and plates. Rub then with reaffirming cream.
  • Very much indicated in post-birth and flaccidity treatments.


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