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Stocking Tubiform

tubiform_mediasMay be used in the treatment of tired legs and bad circulation (cold bandages). Can be combined with the abdominal bandage or the body top in anticellulitical and reaffirming treatments with galvanic currents or manual techniques. IMPORTANT: The remaining bandage must be folded at the bottom, that is, at the foot.

Treatment with galvanic currents (electrotherapy)

The first time that this treatment is carried out, we shall activate the blood circulation by massaging with a horsehair flannel in all the areas to be treated, so that the products are absorbed better. The client will then be massaged with an ionizable ampoule of product, always accentuating the massage in the most affected areas. The bandages are applied well soaked in hot water. They should be very damp and as hot as the client can stand.

The great adaptability of TUBIFORM to all areas means that the currents pass uniformly through all the zones treated. In this way an extremely satisfactory result is obtained in fibrous and edematose cellulitis and in the typical orange skin cases. These are softened more rapidly, accordingly the most satisfactory results are indeed spectacular. In a very short period of time the results are evident above all in the degree of skin hydration and of course in the uniformity of the cellulitis elimination.
Each one of the TUBIFORM bandages has been made specifically to treat each particular zone of the human body.


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