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Abdomen Tubiform

tubiform_abdomenMay be used to treat the abdominal area. Can be used also to treat the breasts.

Slimming treatment

The first step to be taken for the products to be absorbed better is the activation of the blood circulation with slimming ampoule or liquid, boosting it in the zones where the cellulitis is most concentrated.
The TUBIFORM articles to be used are soaked in hot water, then wrung out and again soaked in slimming liquid (always in the quantity indicated by the product manufacturer). They should be very hot and damp but not dripping. Once the tubular bandage has been applied it is all covered with occlusive film (osmotic paper), to avoid the product evaporating. The client will be kept under the blanket during 30 o 40 minutes, with the blanket slightly warm. Once the time of exposure to the treatment is finished, the client will then be massaged with slimming cream.

This treatment can be applied to clients with tired legs or bad circulation, always taking into account that the time of exposure under the blanket should be reduced to 20 minutes an its temperature should also be lower.
In the case of clients with varicose veins a thermal or ordinary blanket will be used instead of an electric blanket. This method is much slower than the previous one but good results are also achieved with it. 10 treatment sessions are normally carried out with the electric blanket and 15 sessions with the thermal or ordinary blanket.
This slimming treatment should always be done alternatively with other reaffirming treatments in order not to leave flaccidity in the zones treated.

Products to use:
-Slimming cream.
-Slimming liquid (in the proportion indicated by the manufacturer)
Graments to be used:
-Trousers combined with cuffs.
-Abdominal combined with stockings.
-Cuffs on the arms.

Note: This treatment can be used in conjunction with a reaffirming apparatus, withdrawing the osmotic paper and applying the wet plates, without a conductor product, as the wet bandages themselves will provide the electric conductivity.

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